This code was modified from the code provided by Jeff Todnem ( I have modified it to add a couple dictionaries. Additionally I have added a measurement to understand the size of the entropy. Finally I have added a days to hack metric, that is mostly handwaving and lies, but it was asked for by people.

The code is messy and nothing I am overly proud of, but I have been lazy in getting into compliance with the GPL on this.

I might spend the time to get this into shape and into something that I am proud of. Time will tell.

Change log

Created by: Jeff Todnem (

Created on: 2007-08-14

Modified by: Ted Tschopp (

Last modified: 2012-10-24

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Portions Copyright (C) 2007 Jeff Todnem

Portions Copyright (C) 2012 Ted Tschopp

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